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low Speed Handpiece Repair

Every handpiece received will be completely disassembled and each part inspected before any repair will begin. If you wish we will call you with a complete estimate on your slowspeed drill repair before we complete your repair.

The Repair Procedure
involves replacement of all common wearing parts such as bearings, "O" rings, rotor vanes clips washers, and springs. Some involve transmission repairs as well. 

Each Slow speed Handpiece Repair is completely checked for proper clinical operation.

At Bauer Dental your slow speed drill repair is warranted for 180 days.

Slow Speed Handpiece Repair
Slow Speed Attachment
                                 Maintain Your Slow Speed Drill

After you receive your handpiece you will want to keep it properly maintained.

Proper maintenance of your slow speed drill repair will save you money.

Check your manufacturer for the proper procedures for maintaining your handpiece.

If this is not available then put three drops of the proper oil in the air hole after each use.  Slowspeed oil is typically a bit thicker than highspeed oil, however there are exceptions.

Remember Bauer your lowspeed handpiece repair specialist.

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