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Welcome To Bauer Dental

Our goal at Bauer Dental is to provide world class customer service with an attention and desire to provide our client with a solution that they are happy with.

Bauer has a commitment to providing the best product possible at the lowest possible cost.

Using the highest quality parts available will guarantee the best repair you can get outside the manufacturer.

Our Philosophy:

Our Philosophy is outlined below.



Service oriented

Promises kept




This policy follows me every day and is how I do business. I will give examples below.


This means that I will respond to your order, phone call, or concern in a professional and prompt manner every time.


We are thrilled and honored that you chose to do business with us. We want to help and are eager to provide you with the best service and repair possible.

Service Oriented:

Being in the service business for over 40 years, it is understood that we work for you and you are not just a number. We will always strive to achieve your complete satisfaction on every level. It is policy for us to go outside the box to help, even if no money is involved.

Promises Kept:

This is very important. We will not promise what we cannot deliver, or knowingly deliver a bad product. If we promise something we will perform as promised.


It is understood that things happen, We will always do whatever we can to help. If you have a problem then we have a problem.


We are all supposed to be professionals, there is no excuse to be rude. Professional behavior is always expected. After all, you are doing us a favor when you call Bauer.


Up front and honest.

This is the foundation of everything. You can trust that we will deliver as described above. A company that is not trustworthy, cannot survive. We try to take it to the next level. We want you to be able to depend on us with confidence.


This "RESPECT" policy is our best practice. If you want a company that is service oriented and will always have promises kept, then please consider Bauer Dental for your service, repair and new instrument needs.

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