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                      Electric Dental Drill Repair

While similar, the Electric Handpiece Repair is a bit more 
involved than the air driven handpiece, they offer smooth 
handling and plenty of torque, however there are many 
more moving parts that can wear out.  

The basic Electric Dental Drill Repair may only involve 
replacing the bearings in the head of the handpiece. 
 In this 
case general lubrication and cleaning
 with the new bearings 
will complete the electric dental drill repair.

There are gears and gear shaft parts typically called 
the transmission that can fail causing extra cost.
When these parts fail the cost can increase significantly.

Electric Handpiece Repair
Electric Handpiece Repair
          Electric Handpiece Repair Starts at
$225.00 for Basic Head Rebuild

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                      Electric Handpiece Repair
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