Dental Instrument Sharpening
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    Bauer Dental Instrument Sharpening


   Do you know of a hygienist who likes to sharpen


Probably not, the ones I know hate to sharpen dental instruments. Dental Instrument Sharpening is an essential part of your practice yet it is rarely done on a consistent basis.

Dull instruments are inefficient and difficult to use. They can cause longer patient visits because it can take longer to remove calculus. How much extra time is this taking per day? As the instrument becomes increasingly difficult to use, your hand may begin to cramp. This is the last thing you need. Is your patient comfortable?  Some calculus may be missed because the instrument is too dull to detect it.


Many offices are waiting longer than they should to sharpen.


Some are even waiting way too long to sharpen. I see them all the time. Extremely dull instruments will take longer to sharpen and more metal will have to come off to re-gain the edge. This will cost you money in the long run. Our dental instrument sharpening service can save you money and time.

Some offices use a stone.

This is a great way to sharpen dental instruments however it takes a great deal of time and skill to keep the original edge. I would bet if you use a stone that your edges are inconsistent. If there is more than one person doing your sharpening the edges are certainly inconsistent. With magnification look under a light at your edges. Are they smooth or irregular? Even if this instrument is reasonably sharp, the instrument may slip or gouge.

Consider Bauer to sharpen dental instruments for you.

Bauer will be happy to discuss your procedures with you to make sure you get the most out of your instruments.

Bauer offers low cost hygienist instrument sharpening. At the low price of just 1.25 per end we offer a value to be considered.


Our Bauer certified technicians have sharpened thousands of dental instruments and are experts at giving you the exact edge without taking off too much metal.

Bauer can perform Dental Instrument Sharpening for you and save you money at the same time.

1.   CostJust 1.25 per end for hygienist instrument                 


2.   Edge,  Have the perfect edge every time for optimal use.

3.   Comfort, Our dental instrument sharpening provides an easier visit for the patient and less
 hand fatigue for you.

4.   Productivity, Sharper instruments allow you to see more patients per day.
 Just one additional patient per day can certainly add up.

5.   Reliability, Routine dental instrument sharpening allows for less instrument being removed
 to re-gain the edge. Your instruments will last longer saving you money

Our dental instrument sharpening service uses state of the art sharpening machines and with certified technicians we can sharpen dental instruments quickly and correctly.

Download our PDF price sheet and you will see that we can perform dental instrument sharpening with a value hard to beat.

A Quality and low cost way to Sharpen Dental Instruments for your practice.

Dental Instrument Sharpening
Dental Instrument Sharpening
 Hygienist Instrument Sharpening 
       completed and shipped back to you 
  In just 72 Hours or Less
  Just 1.25 Per End

Veterinary Instrument Sharpening also Available
We can sharpen any Dental Instrument