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             Dental Air Motor Repair

Dental Air Motor Repair
involves replacement of bearings, clips, washers, gears "O" rings, and rotor vanes.

All common wearing parts are replaced.

Each unit is completely checked for proper clinical operation.

Each Dental Motor Repair is warranted for 180 days

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Consider Bauer for your dental motor repair as well as all of your angles and attachments

Dental handpiece repair
Dental Air Motor
Dental Air Motor Maintenance

Maintenance i
s an important part of your over all service program.

For proper air motor maintenance it is not necessary to autoclave the motor if you use a barrier. If you do not autoclave your motors, then you should disconnected from air and water,and lubed each week.

Leaving them connected will lead to excess disinfectant corroding the threads onto the tubing. At this point they can be difficult to remove. Proper air motor maintenance will eliminate this possibility. Most motors, including rotary vane motors, do not need much oil. Low Speed air motors and attachments need a thicker or higher viscosity oil.  About two or three drops of oil in the air line is all you need.

Run the motor for 30 or 40 seconds to distribute the oil. Apply a drop or two to the forward/ reverse valves, shift rings, and sheath attachment points.Remove excess oil.

Most straight attachments do not require lubrication. Make sure to check manufacturer specs to be sure. If you are not sure, a drop or two can not hurt.

Clean externally with a brush. Bag the instrument for the autoclave.

Latch angles must be disassembled for correct lubrication. If you are using daily then unscrew the head and remove the transmission gear for cleaning.

Lightly oil each gear on the transmission. Several drops of oil applied to the cartridge while the transmission gear is removed is recommended..

Remember proper dental air motor maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars each year on dental motor repair.

Consider Bauer Dental for your Dental Air Motor Repair.